In February we travel to Holland: We are very happy about an invitation to the renowned Holland Dance Festival.

In The Hague we will show Gravity (and other attractions) – a contemporary dance theatre performance performed by a deaf dancer (Tiki) and a hearing dancer (Lolo) on three evenings. An English language audio description, artistically integrated into the performance, forms the creative basis of this piece. Gravity (and other attractions) is presented as part of the double evening All Inclusive – also featured is “Dueto” by Portuguese dancer and coreographer Diana Niepce.

In Gravity (and other attractions) we followed the approach of “Aesthetics of Access” – this will be presented in a workshop at the international DanceAble Symposium. Based on the equal perspectives of people with and without disabilities, “Aesthetics of Access” opens up the enormous artistic potential of an understanding of art that is conceived and practised without barriers. In this way, new qualities are added to the work and the process, the means of accessibility become artistic vocabulary and their application a source of inspiration. In addition to Lisette Reuter, Nils Rottgardt and Max Greyson will participate in the workshop. They will give insights into the creative processes of our ImpArt project and present best practices for the use of accessibility as an aesthetic element.

Workshop (in English):
Fri 11 February 2022, 10:00
Venue: Korzo theatre, The Hague
All info about the symposium

Performance Gravity (and other attractions):
Fri 11, Sat 12, Sun 13 February 2022, 19:00
Venue: Korzo theatre, The Hague
All info about the performance