Gravity (and other attractions)

Lolo and Tiki meet on a subway train. They travel through their imagination as they experience different ways of attraction…

ImPArt enables us to re-think the stage, and to experiment with new thoughts and approaches.

Gravity (and other attractions) is a contemporary dance theatre duet performed by a deaf (Tiki) and a hearing (Lolo) dancer. They will always be there, even if at times you don’t see or hear them.

A poetic English audio description, which is artistically integrated into the performance, builds the creative base of this piece. The descriptive language is the inspiration, the verbal translation and the spoken text of the performance.

Type of Show: Dance Theatre Performance
Duration: 35 Minutes
Age Rating: 12+
Spoken Language: English  



Sommerblut Festival
Sun 17th May 2020 // 20:00 (afterwards public discussion with DGS)
Mon 18th May 2020 // 20:00
Venue: Alte Feuerwache, Melchiorstraße 3, 50670 Cologne, Germany
Further Information: here

Past dates

Mon 17th & Tue 18th Februar 2020
20:00 // Zwarte zaal // interdisciplinary NextDoors week at Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp
Venue: Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium
Further Information: here

Sun 8th September 2019 // Premiere
20:00 // Alternative Stage Greek National Opera
Venue: Stravros Niarchos Cultural Center, 364 Syggrou Avenue Athens, Greece


Concept, Dramaturgy & Direction: Costas Lamproulis (GR) – Script*: Max Greyson (BE) – Choreography, Performers & Dancers: Sarah `Sarena´ Bockers & Dodzi Dougban (DE) – Music & Sound Composition: Filippos Zoukas (GR) – Visuals: Tim Stadie (DE) – Costume & Stage Design: Sarah Haas (DE) – Light Design: Christian Herbert – Outside Eye Choreographers: Despina Bounitsi (GR) & Wagner Moreira (DE) – Music (Flute): Ine Vanoeveren (BE) – Sign Language Interpreter: Stella Papantonatos & Konstanze Bustian (DE) (Skarabee) – International Sign Language Advisor: Rafael Grombelka (DE) – Visual Vernacular Advisor: Eyk Kauly (DE) – Advisors for the Visually Impaired Audience: Franziska Wilke & Andrea Eberl (DE) – Creative Producer: Lisette Reuter (DE)

*The script was written by Max Greyson as part of an artistic research project at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp on developing artistically integrated audio description.


The performance has been developed by a creative team consisting of members with and without disabilities. Accessibility has been an integral part of the creative process. Gravity (and other attractions) uses innovative methods of accessibility as a core of the performance. The work is mainly accessible through poetic audio description. This innovative approach integrates descriptive language into the play without specifically targeting a visually impaired audience. Gravity also features other languages and art forms, such as international sign language and visual vernacular. Touch tours are available.

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