Un-Label stands for artistic innovation and diversity. It brings together cultural workers from all over Europe. Our performances featuring emerging artists with and without disabilities set new standards. We connect international stakeholders, scientists and experts in the field from the inclusive cultural scene by hosting symposia, research projects and summits. We foster new talents through our series of open inclusive workshops and masterclasses.

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Diversity enriches art – no doubt about it!

Artistic Vision

We challenge established concepts of body, space and society, which allows us to push beyond the conventional criteria of contemporary culture. In doing so, we venture into territory even unknown to us. Encountering the unfamiliar, otherness and the unknown is the creative driving force behind Un-Label.


Cultural differences create tension, questions, boundaries, desire and encourage an exploratory spirit. Un-Label creates a space for artists who explore the dynamic nature of these differences and make them the foundation of their artistic work. Within a multicultural setting, art becomes the ultimate instrument of communication between individuals and cultures.


Theatre as a hyper medium: Un-Label considers the equal synergy of different art forms essential for stage work. What is light and what is text, what rhythms do the sounds of the voice take and does sound equal silence?

Each element may take the leading role in shaping either a single image or the big picture. The multiple layers of the stories told define the expressive choices.


Differences are an integral and essential part of progressive artistic processes. Inclusion allows us to take a closer and more conscious look at our differences and commonalities. We think and practise accessibility as aesthetic vocabulary, which helps us expand our artistic expression and increase our social understanding.


Lisette Reuter

Lisette Reuter

Creative Producer

Art and culture do not reproduce the visible but instead they create visibility, they serve as a bridge to overcome barriers – culture is moving.


Max Schweder

Max Schweder

Musik, Sound & Project Manager

Music is feeling.


Lara Weiss

Lara Weiss

Production Management

Culture connects, empowers and fulfils me as a creative being.


Jana Zöll

Jana Zöll

Performer, Coach, Consultant

We are all alike in that we are all different.
Anna Hermkes

Anna Hermkes


There is a space only art can create – beyond labels.