What is Un-Label?

Everybody is different. We believe that this is good.
It is good for art.

Un-Label is a group of artists.
They are dancers, musicians and actors.
They come from all over Europe.
Some of them are deaf.
Others use a wheel-chair.
Some have Down syndrome.
They are working together.
What they do is new.
They show their art on stage.
In Germany and in many other countries.
Un-Label hosts meetings.
Artists from Un-Label meet other artists.
To work together.
To learn new things.
These meetings are called summits.

Un-Label also invites people from all over the world.
For example scientists and directors of theatre plays.
Or other specialists.
To get to know each other.

And to discuss:

What do people with disabilities need, so that they can make art?
How can people with and without disabilities make art together?
We call these meetings symposia.

Un-Label also does workshops.
Artists can learn new things there.
The workshops are inclusive.
That means: Artists with and without disabilities are working together.