Cooperation with the Ukrainian project “Gemeinsam ist besser”

Lisette Reuter will be one of the new mentors for the House of Europe programme of the Goethe Institute Kiev and will support the inclusive project “Gemeinsam ist besser” …

Goethe Institut Kiev: “Inclusion in Culture”

We were involved in digital networking on the theme of cultural work and inclusion…

Digital Studio Talk: Rethinking the stage!

We did have rather different plans: Our new international productions were supposed to premiere …

Cancellation of our German premieres at the Sommerblut-Festival in Cologne

Our three new international productions were supposed to premiere in Germany during this year’s Sommerblut-Festival in Cologne (14.05.-18.05.2020).

Disabled artists in the mainstream: a new cultural agenda for Europe

We gathered in order to shape policy and cultural change…

Save the Date: Un-Label Sommerblut Special – a Festival within the Festival

We will have an Un-Label special during the Sommerblut Festival from 14th to 18th May 2020.

The Un-Label performing arts company from Cologne brings together artists with and without disabilities from all over Europe. Un-Label produces contemporary stage performances. Un-Label inspires and links science and research. We keep discovering new possibilities!