International Artistic Residency
We invited selected international artists to an artistic residency in Cologne. From 15th July until 1st August and during a second residency in Greece, 28 creatives with and without disabilities will work intensely together. They will develop three exciting new performances. All three performances will premiere at the Greek National Opera in Athens on 8th September 2019. The German premiere is scheduled for May 2020.

The residencies and the resulting productions are part of the international project ImPArt, with which we aim to define accessibility in a completely new way. The project is funded by Aktion Mensch, Fonds Soziokultur and Heidehof Stiftung on a national level, and by the EU programme Creative Europe and NRW KULTURsekretariat Wuppertal on an international level. The aim is to make an artistic product equally enjoyable for all people. To achieve this, auxiliary means such as sign language or subtitles become part of the performance and thus art themselves. They inspire the creative process through their own aesthetic possibilities, which enriches the artwork.

Since spring 2018 international artists and experts of various disciplines have pushed the boundaries of accessibility with ImPArt. In Workshops, Masterclasses, Symposia, Summits und Creative Labs in Armenia, Germany, Greece and Italy they worked together to establish innovative ways of inclusion in the arts. A total of more than 2.300 artists as well as cultural, scientific and political operators took part. The three interdisciplinary performances will be the result and artistic expression of this expedition.