A mobile, integrative laboratory for mutual and playful-creative research into the social reality of disability and normality.

The masterclass, “INTO THE WILD” – is based on an extraordinary learning process: with respect and acceptance for the ideas of the others, a space for creativity is created, opening the possibility of failure. In “INTO THE WILD” the openness and curiosity of the participants plays an important role in creating a safe space for work.

The concept for “INTO THE WILD” was developed by the director Michael Elber and the musician Chris Weinheimer on the basis of the Theater HORA production “Die Lust am Scheitern” and will take place under their direction in Cologne in January. Until summer 2019, both of them worked for Theater HORA for many years in various functions.
Michael Elber is a theatre director for theatre with people with intellectual disabilities and founder of Theater HORA from Zurich, the only professional theatre company for mentally disabled people in Switzerland. Until summer 2019 he was artistic director of the company for over 25 years.
In 2017, after several stays abroad and research processes, the idea arose to pass on the principles of performative work through free improvisation to develop the performance “The Desire to Fail” in workshop formats.

The methods of guided free improvisation are shown in a playful way and experiences are exchanged in the group. The advantage of this practice is that it can also be communicated non-verbally for the most part. It consists of very simple games, which can often be learned without explanations and only by following and participating. In the end, complex improvisations develop from them. The goal of the masterclass is a dynamic laboratory and a process-like encounter of all participants.

Important note: If possible, each participant should bring a musical instrument, preferably one that has not yet been played or practiced by you. Preferably wind or string instruments. If this is not possible, let us know and we will try to provide appropriate instruments. Please let us know if you can bring an instrument with you. Please also remember to bring comfortable clothes and shoes that are easy to move.

Accessibility: The venue is wheelchair accessible. We also offer communication assistance in English, German and DGS. Please note this on your registration. Thanks a lot.