ImPArt – Project Results
Together with international artists, experts and scientists with and without disabilities, we went on a journey of discovery. In workshops, master classes, symposia, summits and creative labs in Armenia, Germany, Greece and Italy we explored new and innovative approaches to achieve inclusion in the arts.

Since May 2018, a core group of 35 artists, experts and scientists from five countries has been intensively involved in all ImPArt project activities. During the course of the project, these participants had the opportunity to conduct extensive research. More than 350 further artists and experts have been involved in ImPArt activities to date. It was the first time that so many different people from so many different countries have worked together on the aesthetics of access.

Check out the teaser and the short documentary to get an impression of the project:
Teaser ImPArt (With German & English Captions; version with English audio description here)
Documentary ImPArt (With German & English Captions; version with English audio description here)

The results as well as the artistic expression of our ImPArt journey come as three interdisciplinary performances, which premiered in September 2019 at the Greek National Opera. The productions are now available for international touring:

Re:construction – Performative Multimedia Installation
Re:construction is a multimedia reflection on the limitations of language and the powerlessness of not being able to express one’s feelings. The exhibition addresses this speechlessness that occurs irrespectively of physical barriers as a nucleus of creativity.
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The Little Prince – Mixed-genre Performance
The production brings the world-famous story to life in a completely accessible way, using a mixture of spoken word, dance and visuals. The international performers with and without disabilities invite you to look at the world through your heart and to reconnect with your inner child.
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Gravity (and other attractions) – Contemporary Dance Theatre Performance
A dance theatre duet performed by a deaf dancer (Tiki) and a hearing dancer (Lolo). A poetic English audio description, which is artistically integrated into the performance, builds the creative base of this piece. The descriptive language is the inspiration, the verbal translation and the spoken text of the performance.
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