We are travelling to Warsaw: We are thrilled to have been invited to the Powszechny Theatre.

The performance will take place on April 5 at 7pm at the Powszechny Theatre. There will be accompanying workshops by Un-Label: “Speaking figures – aesthetics of access and creative audio description” with Max Greyson and “Sign Language and Dance” with deaf dancer Dodzi Dougban.

Gravity (and other attractions) is a duet by deaf dancer Dodzi Dougban and hearing dancer Sarena Bockers. The creative basis is a poetic English-language audio description that is artistically integrated into the performance. It is simultaneously the verbal translation of the visible movement and the spoken text of the performance. For those who cannot fully perceive certain artistic elements such as the dance or the text, all other artistic elements create perceptual bridges. The means of accessibility are an essential part of the performance and not – as is usually the case – added on as an afterthought.

Gravity (and other attractions) premiered in September 2019 at the Greek National Opera in Athens. The piece was created as part of the Un-Label EU Creative Europe project ImPArt. With this European project, accessibility was taken a step further. International cultural practitioners with and without disabilities from a wide range of disciplines spent two and a half years researching the artistic process of Aesthetics of Access. The aim is to use means of accessibility as artistic-aesthetic elements from the very beginning of the artistic development process. These elements enrich the production, become part of the artwork and make it possible to experience the enormous artistic potential of an understanding of art that is conceived and practised in a barrier-free way.

More information about the performance and trailer at: https://un-label.eu/en/project/gravity-and-other-attractions/