Feasibility study

You want to know when the next play with sign language interpretation will take place in your area? Is the concert hall in your city actually barrier-free? What movies are being offered with audio description in theaters this week? Oh yes, in the fall I want to visit friends in Frankfurt, is there anything on with plain language that could interest us? We are working on bundling answers to these questions.

Currently, there is no digital service that provides accessible information about accessible cultural offerings nationwide in the areas of theater, museums, cinema, music, dance, festivals, readings, and so on. We want to find out if it’s possible to change that! Most recently, a bunch of bright minds gathered at Social Impact’s offices in Berlin and discussed different approaches to a solution until their cerebral cortexes smoked.

What could such an offer look like? A platform? A website? Plug-ins? An app? An interface? Mixtures of these? How can something like this be made accessible to all disability perspectives? How do you get Germany’s cultural scene to participate? How can this be financed sustainably? Are politicians interested? And most importantly, what needs and demands do people with disabilities have as cultural users of such a service?

With the help of Aktion Mensch Stiftung, Diversity Fund NRW, TH Köln Code & Context, Ashoka and a lot of strong partner networks like Sozialhelden, Enable Me, ISL Selbstbestimmt Leben or Assure Consulting we have started to develop a feasibility study that wants to find realizable answers to these questions.

It’s ultra exciting! You’ll hear from us soon ūüėČ