Our three new international productions Re:construction, The Little Prince and Gravity (and other attractions) were supposed to premiere in Germany during this year’s Sommerblut-Festival in Cologne (14.05.-18.05.2020).
Unfortunately, we have to cancel these events due to the current circumstances. We very much regret this, but the health risks and the closure of national borders make the decision inevitable.

The productions are the results of our project ImPArt. They incorporate tools of accessibility as artistic-aesthetic elements, which on the one hand enable equal reception for everyone and on the other hand enrich the productions and become art themselves. More than 350 international artists, experts and scientists with and without disabilities were involved in this project, the worldwide first of its kind that structurally deals with the aesthetics of access.

For two of the productions there are already alternative dates in October: “Re:construction” and “Gravity (and other attractions)” will be shown during our international symposium ALL IN, where we will discuss “Coproduction and Cooperation in the Inclusive Performing Arts” (20.-22.10.2020).

A new digital studio talk about the productions and the working process is also currently in progress. We are planning to stream it in the second-last week of May.

We will keep you posted when the stream and the performances will actually take place.