Our project Access Maker is really busy at the moment. At the end of August and in the beginning of September we had three workshops with almost 50 participants.

Together with Lisette Reuter, Jana Zöll and other speakers, the participants from our project partners  Comedia Theater Köln, Theater Dortmund and Duesseldorfer Schauspielhaus explored the topic of inclusion of artists and audience members with disabilities in all areas of theatre.

There was also an introduction to Visual Sign with Eyk Kauly. Visual Sign is derived from the art form Visual Vernacular, a physical mode of expression that has become indispensable in the Deaf community: stories are told through the use of intense body movement, gestures and facial expressions, complemented by elements of poetry and mime. Compared to Visual Vernacular, Visual Sign is less complex and requires no prior knowledge of sign language. The extremely pictorial form of expression is easier for hearing people to learn and aesthetically very exciting.

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