Masterclass featuring Andrè Erlen on 29 and 30 September 2018

The workshop will allow us to explore our bodies and ourselves as (musical) instruments in a fun way. We will create an acting orchestra and use our new musical abilities in scene work. But don’t you worry: You don’t need to be able to play an instrument or have a great voice. If you like experimenting and improvising, music will happen all by itself.
Scene work does need more than characters, conflicts and plots, it also requires musicality to come alive: Rhythm, dynamics, repetition, variation and contrast make highly expressive scenes.

André is a theatre maker and the director of the Futur3 theatre ensemble. A graduate of Dusseldorf Art Academy, he trained as an actor with the studio ensemble, which included training in Poland (Wroclaw, Krakow, Warsaw). The cofounder of Freihandelzone and the URBÄNG! festival (formerly GLOBALIZE:GOLGONE) regularly cooperates with artheater köln, Sommerblut Kuturfestival, Wilske and Simoneit & friends Hamburg. He is constantly seeking new inspiration for his work during funded study trips (e.g. Indonesia) and through artist platforms (Korea, Belgium, Ukraine).

Accessibility: The venue is accessible for wheelchairs. Communication assistance is available in English, German and German sign language.

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André Erlen