Masterclasses on 1 July 2018

Her workshop “Diversity in dance, movement, performance, choreography” looks into today’s choreography and performance – what does it mean for cultural education in dance and theatre with a diversity of different human beings and their most diverse potential for movement?

The workshop draws on exercises on body awareness, inner presence and awareness for your own physical sensations and movements, complemented by dance and contact improvisation.
Bea Carolina attaches particular importance to train the perception of oneself and oneself in relation to space and the group. Structural movement and dance allow for experiments, improvisation and exploration in order to find common group dynamics and a common movement language that sees the potential of each and every participant and builds a common base for artistic expression.
In terms of diversity, Bea feels it is vital to always take a fresh look at things and to learn from that, to remain open for the otherness – unfamiliar to me – and make this otherness accessible. To her, dancing and exploring the diversity of dance and movement language should primarily be fun.

Bea Carolina Remark is a dance teacher for diversity, performer, creative dance and movement therapist, body therapist and alternative practitioner. Born with spastic palsy, she is a true expert in her field.
For many years, she has been working with choreographs, dance professionals, therapists and universities at a national and international level on co-creating the evolvement of dance and human beingness – this includes bringing awareness to and changing the ideal standardised picture one has of human beings and dance.
Moreover, Bea Carolina completed further education courses in contemporary dance, body therapy, systemic therapy, theatre education and yoga.

Accessibility: The venue is accessible for wheelchairs. Communication assistance is available in English, German and German sign language.

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