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We are happy to be part of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival 2020!

Oriente Occidente Dance Festival is one of the most important festivals for contemporary dance in Italy. The festival is known all over Europe. From 3. -12.09.2020 various artists from the international scene will gather in Rovereto. There will be a breathtaking program and we will also celebrate the 40th edition of the festival. Since 2003, Rovereto has been home to the CID – Centro Internazionale della Danza -, a place where dancers can learn and improve their skills during workshops and masterclasses with the best teachers in the field of dance. In addition, various artistic residencies are offered.

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On September 8th we will show Gravity (and other attractions) at 20.30 at the Teatro Cartiera. Further information about the performance can be found under the following link: here

Additionally we will give an ImPArt LAB – rethinking the stage! This is how we want to describe the process, the ideas, the implementation and the barriers of the project ImPArt and from the three international productions. With our team we will on September 9th from 10.00 to 14.00 o’clock rethink the project. What is actually behind it? What was and where does the journey go? ImPArt is a two-year European project (2018-2020) that is about to close. During this two-year period, ImPArt has been concerned about taking the theme of accessibility a step forward, encouraging experimentation with new techniques and tools that could make tangible the artistic potential of truly accessible art; both on a theoretical and practical level.
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