We are part of the market of possibilities, at this year’s BURNING ISSUES at Kampnagel in Hamburg.

It starts on Friday, 30th of October at 18.00 o’clock, the conference will be live & digital. Click here for the live stream (Link):

BURNING ISSUES is host and offers rooms for activists, who try to make the industry fairer for all from different expertise. There is room for dialogue and complicity, for mistakes and learning from each other. BURNING ISSUES does not have all the answers, but a lot of questions.

How many genders does the theater actually know? What role do factors such as class or age play in the course of a theater career? How do structural racism and sexism intersect in the cultural industry? How can institutions break down barriers and act in solidarity?

“In lectures, discussions, artistic interventions, performances and network formats, gender-specific hierarchies at city theaters and independent production houses, in ensembles and collectives, on and behind the stage will be examined. The nationwide conference for cultural and theater professionals on gender equality was founded in Bonn, and this year it is taking place in Hamburg in cooperation with Kampnagel.”

We are really looking forward to the exchange with everyone.

You can find the program here (Link):

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