At the Unlimited!3 Innovation for Access congress, accessibility will be taken a step further. On July 2, there will be a teaser event in English with barrier-free offerings (subtitles in English, on request interpretation in VGT/Flemish sign language) from the Dutch expertise center OPEN with numerous question-and-answer sessions. The live event is scheduled for February 2022.

Maria Wünsche talks about “Aesthetics of Access”, i.e. how accessibility can lead to innovation in the artistic process. She will give an impression on her work with Un-Label. She is responsible for the captioning and visuals of the adaptation of “The Little Prince“, as part of the European project ImPArt. In Panel 2, she addresses the integrated captioning on stage at the performance.

Participation is free of charge, registration is requested – online until June 30! Directly to the registration. >> Click here!
Organizer: OPEN, the Expertise Centre for Accessible Media and Culture at the University of Antwerp. All information about the event and the speakers. >> Click here!