(We don’t) [kehr]

In (We don’t) [kehr], the artist duo “Jane Blond and that Stevil Kniewel” (Jana Zöll and Steven Solbrig) deal with the topic of care work and open up a broad spectrum of perspectives on it. The performance deals with essential questions such as “What does help mean in our society? What images of care work have we internalised, and what relational dynamics go hand in hand with this? Where does help end and violence begin?” In this way, (We don’t) [kehr] kicks up the dust of the social system and confronts the depths of the gesture of help.

Un-Label Performing Arts: (We don't) [kehr]
(We don’t) [kehr]: Jane Blond and that Stevil Kniewel“ (Jana Zöll und Steven Solbrig) by Un-Label © Michael Bause
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We dont kehr_Un-Label_2108_Performance_(c)_Michael_Bause_1600x900
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(We don’t) [kehr] is disability-led: Artists with disabilities initiated the piece and are significantly involved in all decisions.

Performers with disabilities or with assistance needs are constantly confronted with the hierarchies and judgements that go hand in hand with dependency(ies) and need for support in our capitalist society. (We don’t) [kehr] aims to expose the operating  social mechanisms and contexts of assistance. In order to include different perspectives on assistance, care and help in the piece, the duo conducted numerous interviews during their research phase, which took place in November and December 2020 at Künstlerhaus Mousonturm. The result is a canon of voices from people with disabilities, helpers and carers, musically accompanied by Martin Widyanata.

In a conception diary, the two artists discussed the results of this research and questions and topics that remained open, as well as documenting the process of conceptualising the piece. Click here for the conception-diary

Type of work: Performance
Duration: 1 hour
Age recommendation: 12+
Language spoken: German


Past dates

Fri, 20 August 2021 // World premiere
Sat, 21 and Mon, 23 August 2021
8.30 p.m. // RoboLAB
Venue: Odonien- Freistaat für Kunst und Kultur, Hornstraße 85, 50823 Cologne, Germany


Performance and Direction: Jana Zöll, Steven Solbrig – Music: Martin Widyanata – Sign Language: Rafael Grombelka – Dramaturgical Accompaniment & Audio Description: Matthias Huber – Audio Description Consultant: Rose Jokic – Lighting Design: Christian Herbert – Costume & Set Design: Sarah Haas – Production Management: Nils Rottgardt – Production Assistance: Till Menzer, Julia Meyer – Technical Support: Max Schweder – Video: Leib+Seele Produktionen: Bernard Mescherowsky – Communication and Press: neurohr & andrä – Creative Producer: Lisette Reuter


Like the previous Un-Label productions, the performance also uses methods of “aesthetics of access”: it uses means of accessibility, such as partially integrated sign language and integrated audio description, as artistic-aesthetic elements and thus enables further musical and sensual access for the entire audience. These belong to the performance and are not to be confused with the audio description running in parallel and the translation into sign language, or similar, if available.


Jana Zöll

Jana Zöll

(aka Jane Blond)

Steven Solbrig

Steven Solbrig

(aka Stevil Kniewel)

Sponsors and Partners

The research phase at the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm was funded by the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts (Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst) as part of the intergenerational mediation initiative ALL IN – FÜR PUBLIKUM JEDEN ALTERS.