We are travellers. Stuck in the present. In the darkness. Partially present, partially absent.

The present is the story we make!

We are like wrapped presents. Surprises waiting to be revealed. As long as the present remains unwrapped, everything is possible. The stories we live destroy the wrapping. Stories created by our incomplete and automatised perception wrapped into the sweet, familiar illusions of our present existence. Again and again and again.

PRESENT is a dance theatre performance by Un-Label in coproduction with the Pfefferberg Theater Berlin.

Accessibility: Sign language is an integral part of the performance.

Premiere: 1 Sept 2018 // Pfefferberg Theater Berlin
Running time: 50 mins

Past events:

10 & 11 of June 2019 20:00
Ort: COMEDIA Theater, Vondelstr. 4 – 8, 50677 Köln
Part of the Festival Multipolarkultur Sommerblut 2019
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23 & 24 of April 2019 20:00
Ort: projekttheater dresden, Louisenstr. 47, 01099 Dresden
Part of the 28.Tanzwoche Dresden
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Producer: Lisette Reuter – Director & Concept: Costas Lamproulis – Dramaturgical Advice: Nils Rottgardt – Choreographic Advice: Sabine Lindlar – Music and Composition: Maximilian Schweder  – Lightning Designer: Christian Herbert – Costume and Scenic Designer: Sarah Haas  – Production Assistance: Lara Weiss – Communication Assistance: Caroline Lampe – Sign Language Interpreter: Konstanze Bustian (Skarabee)


Wagner Moreira
Jana Zöll
Dodzi Dougban

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When it comes to talking about accessibility in the arts, the main things that come to mind are audio descriptions, subtitles, or sign language interpreters. However, these are all foreign objects external to the stage. Our aim is to rethink accessibility, and to see it instead as an opportunity to experiment artistically.

PRESENT is the first performance of a research process which is taking place over a number of years. During this process, we want to find new creative approaches that will enable us to create an artistic product as an equal experience for all. Our central question, is to ask ourselves how we can use accessible aids in such a way that they become part of the performance itself, enriching the work with their own aesthetic possibilities, and thus becoming art forms in their own right. In this production, the focus will be on the integration of sign language.

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