The international cultural project Un-label will see about 100 artists with and without disabilities from all over Europe deal with new inclusive and innovative ways of performing arts.





    ImPArt – Performing Arts redesigned for an immediate accessibility – the new 28month long project from the Un-Label Performing Arts Company has started!

    Accessibility is key word of every attempt of inclusion. Accessibility in the performing arts means that all audiences have equal access to the final artistic product. But most of the time the intermediate of the multiple “translations” (audio description, surtitling, simple language etc) deprives the audience of experiencing directly the artistic expression. So the rising question is: “How far can an art translated be an art?”

    The main objective of ImPArt is to invert the question in order to eliminate any intermediation between the artistic product and the audience. The accessibility limits turn into a field of inspiration, experimentation and innovative creation.

    Through creative exchange meetings, symposia, national workshops, international labs and creative residencies we will challenge artists with and without disabilities to develop pilot interdisciplinary performances that will pioneer new performing art forms that avoid any kind of intermediation in order to be accessible. These performances will be designed as flexible small-scale productions in order to be able to tour around Europe in appropriate venues and festivals and showcase the results of the project.

    ImPArt is funded by Aktion Mensch, Heidehof Stiftung, Fonds Soziokultur, Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, Kämpgen Stiftung and Annemarie und Helmut Börner Stiftung.