United Inclusion

With the project United Inclusion, we bring cultural actors with disabilities and representatives of the cultural funding sectors together. Our methods build on the findings of the international network “European Disability Arts Cluster”.


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People with disabilities are still marginalized as cultural actors and in the audience. Since cultural funding is important for shaping equal opportunities and equal participation, this is where we start.

Project term: March 2021 to September 2021

Specifically, the project deals with the question of how funding measures of the federal government, the states, municipalities and private foundations can be designed to effectively promote the participation in culture of people with disabilities. The report “Disabled artists in the mainstream: a new cultural agenda for Europe” serves as a basis for this work. The network “European Disability Arts Cluster” created the report in March 2020 with the aim of re-accentuating the activities of future EU cultural programs with a view to actors and cultural users with disabilities. The cluster includes organizations, ensembles and freelance artists from the international inclusive arts and culture sector, as well as major European venues and festivals from over 18 countries. Un-Label has played a leading role in this process as the coordinator of three inclusive EU projects.

Within the framework of United Inclusion, together with national cultural practitioners of the inclusive cultural scene, we discussed the report’s recommendations for action and considered concrete implementation options for the German cultural funding sectory in June and July 2021. The results will be presented in September!


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