International Labs

In our international labs, our curated artists with and without disabilities from different backgrounds and cultures come together to exchange and work on ideas and methods.

Everybody perceives society and life differently. Our art reflects these differences.

Our labs look into movement and performance languages. What shapes us? What moves us? And what do we need? These questions are at the heart of experiments and inquiries that inspire the quest for new material to create new artistic vocabulary. We discover new aesthetic forms, space and positions to express ourselves.

The lab serves as a platform for professional artists seeking to evolve their artistic expression together.

The international labs are monitored and evaluated by the Institute for Translation Studies and Specialised Communications of Hildesheim University and the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies of the Justus Liebig University, Giessen.

The labs are part of the project ImPArt.

Dates and Location

15.04 – 19.04.2019 at Akademie Remscheid

01.10 – 05.10.2018 at Akademie Remscheid