The binational project Creability dealt with the following question: How can we reshape creative methods to make them practically accessible and applicable to all human beings?

Creability_© Lucie Ella Photography_2
Creability_© Lucie Ella Photography_4
Inklusives Tanzcamp im Tanzhaus NRW / Foto: Katja Illner
Creability M3 / Foto: Lara Weiss
Creability // Foto: Lara Weiss Un-Label
Creability M3 / Foto: Lara Weiss
Inklusives Tanzcamp im Tanzhaus NRW / Foto: Katja Illner
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Access for everybody requires creating accessibility for everybody.

Project term: summer 2018 to autumn 2020

How can we help deaf participants to take part in a voice-led rhythm exercise? How can a dance warm-up be done in a wheelchair? In Germany and Greece, national pilot groups of professional artists with and without disabilities examined tried-and-tested artistic work methods from dance, acting and music. The groups developed innovative approaches and alternatives to be effortlessly used in future inclusive practice.

In a second step, the participating artists exchanged insights and field tested the methods developed by the other group. Finally, the practicability of the most promising approaches were further tested externally by inclusive youth groups, creative professionals and schools.

The TU Dortmund University monitored the project and ensured that the methods produced met the latest scientific standards. We published a manual featuring a selection of the best tested and standardised methods to provide a valuable toolkit for those who work in the field of inclusive culture, education and youth work.


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