Connect Beyond Access

With the Connect Beyond Access project, Un-Label advocates barrier-free, participatory opportunities for involvement in cultural events. The cultural scene does not need individualized solutions for guests and artists with disabilities, but access opportunities that benefit everyone. Our goal: equal participation on a level playing field.

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Exclusive cultural offerings have a legitimacy problem, because they do not pick up important groups of society.

Project term: March 2021 to September 2021

People with disabilities can only use cultural offerings if they are accessible in terms of construction and content. Access barriers must be proactively removed and suitable frameworks and conditions for cultural participation created so that people with disabilities naturally become the new audience group. Un-Label wants to initiate this audience development process with Connect Beyond Access in three modules.

  • Connect Beyond Access #Digital
    Our social media channels will be expanded into digital information platforms to disseminate analog and digital cultural offerings from national and international actors in the scene.
  • Connect Beyond Access #Hybrid
    We are developing hybrid formats to make better use of digital tools for our accessible workshops, symposia and training activities. This way, everyone can participate, even if he or she is not on site.
  • Connect Beyond Access #Participation
    In workshops with people working in the cultural sector with disabilities, we develop new creative approaches to making artistic products and cultural events accessible to all people on an equal footing. We see accessibility as an impulse for innovation in the artistic process.




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