The ImPArt project

That means: The project creates new art.

ImPArt is a research project.
With dancers, musicians, video artists and actors.
They come from the countries Germany, Armenia, Greece and Italy.
The project is inclusive.
That means: Artists with and without disabilities are working together.

They want to find out:
How can dance or theatre plays be made inclusive?
That means: How does the dance or theatre play have to be?
So that different people can watch it together.
For example deaf people and people who can hear.
Blind people and people who can see.
And people who use accessible language.

For example:
Deaf people can only understand theatre plays, if there is a translator for sign language.
But: A translator for sign language can only translate information.
Not feelings.

ImPArt wants to find out:
How does a theatre play have to be?
What does a stage have to look like?
So that deaf and hearing people can watch the play together.
And understand it.
Without a translator for sign language.

The artists from ImPArt are convinced:
Art can create something new.
There are new solutions.

The ImPArt project shows these solutions.
In performances.
In workshops.
So that other artists can learn from the projects.
They learn: How can it be done?
A theatre play, that people with and without disabilities can watch and understand together.

The project is running until the year 2020.