Verflüchtigung – Can there be identity without otherness?

Can there be identity without otherness? In Verflüchtigung, 20 European artists with and without disabilities look into the nature of identity and the meaning of otherness. The multidisciplinary performance is an allegorical reflection on social values that finds fun ways to reveal the absurdity of our prejudices and preformed opinions.

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Exploring the unfamiliar helps us grasp the complexity of society.

Verflüchtigung presents a dystopian view of the future. The main characters of the story are clearly split into two opposing camps: the “common ones” who are well defined by their common characteristics facing the “others” who become scapegoats in not fitting to the standards. But what happens if the definitions of ‘normal’ and ‘different’ are turned upside down?

The international mixed-abled ensemble combines various artistic forms of expression such as live music, dance, acting, acrobatics, video art and spoken word to show how a form of cooperation is created despite the differences.

Running time: 75 mins



Past dates

Sun 17 December 2014
20:00 // Staatstheater Darmstadt
Venue: Georg-Büchner-Platz 1, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany

Wed 21 May 2014
20:00 // Theater im Ballsaal
Venue: Frongasse 9, 53121 Bonn, Germany

Tue 20 May 2014
20:00 // Depot Dortmund
Venue: Immermannstraße 29, 44147 Dortmund, Germany

Sun 18 May 2014
20:00 // Odonien
Venue: Hornstr. 85, 50823 Cologne, Germany

Wed 14 May 2014 // Premiere
20:00 // ZAK
Venue: Zirkus und Artistikzentrum, An der Schanze 6, 50735 Cologne, Germany


Producer: Lisette Reuter – Director & Concept: Costas Lamproulis – Choreographer: Sabine Lindlar – Musical Director: Markus Brachtendorf – Technical Director: Garlef Kessler – Lighting Designer: Eleni Kollia – Costume Designer: Thomas Wien-Pegelow – Stage Designer: Simon Rummel – Project Assistance: Anna Zuhr & Nicole Rodrian – Artistic Assistance: Deborah Sophia Leist – Communication Assistance: Konstanze Bustian & Hannah Lutzenberger



The performance was created as part of the project Verflüchtigung.