Un-Label – New Grounds for Inclusive Performing Arts

We worked with over 100 artists with and without disabilities from 13 European countries to explore the artistic possibilities of multidisciplinary inclusive stage works.

L-Performance / Foto: Uwe Nimmrichter
Workshop / Foto: Uwe Nimmrichter
L-Performance / Foto: Meyer Originals
Workshop / Foto: Uwe Nimmrichter
L-Performance / Foto: Meyer Originals
Workshop / Foto: Uwe Nimmrichter
L-Performance / Foto: Uwe Nimmrichter
Performance Pariete Gala / Foto: Yan Revazov
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Un-Label represents a wide universe of unlimited and creative ressouces waiting to be mobilized.

Project term: spring 2015 to autumn 2017

Un-Label chose 16 individuals from this huge pool of artists to form an inclusive ensemble combining dance, music, acrobatics and poetry during workshops, international symposia and an artist residency.

We embarked on a two-and-a-half-year journey with many beautiful human beings that inspired us artistically, aesthetically and intellectually. Our aim was to find innovative and inclusive possibilities for the performing arts and to do so, we ventured across borders. We decreased barriers and our work enabled people to take part in arts and culture equally.

From this joint project with partners from England, Greece, Turkey and Germany emerged the great multidisciplinary dance theatre performance L – Do I need Labels to Love? that toured internationally.

Un-Label managed to unveil the manifold artistic potential inert to all performers. It was stunning to see how abundantly this diversity manifested in the performance and how it helped to invigorate and expand the work of art.

It took Un-Label no more than two years to become an established national and international company and to build a dynamic European network of artists and organisations that strive to develop and implement new methods for the inclusive performing arts.

The findings from this project and selected European best practice examples from the inclusive performing arts were published in a manual.

In 2016, the project was voted second place in the Paul and Kaethe Kraemer inclusion award and won “THE POWER OF THE ARTS” award in 2017.

This project grew into the international mixed-abled performing arts company Un-Label headquartered in Cologne.