The international cultural project Un-label will see about 100 artists with and without disabilities from all over Europe deal with new inclusive and innovative ways of performing arts.




    Un-Label Workshops

    Being a Europe-wide project, Un-label provides interdisciplinary workshops for artists with and without disabilities who want to gain inclusive artistic experiences.

    Workshops are held in Germany, Turkey and Greece and are carried out by an international mixed-abled group of artists who came together in 2014 during the inclusive multidisciplinary dance theatre production “Verflüchtigung – Can there be identity without otherness?” (

    During the workshops the coaches will use an inspiring cross-genre mix to demonstrate how different artistic methods from the performing arts can be used in the inclusive practice. Together we will use experimental spaces to develop new ways of artistic expression, starting from the ideas and inputs of each individual involved.

    Upon completion of the workshop, the new ensemble for the international production in 2016 will be selected from the participating artists. The results of the workshops will then be integrated into an artistic residence in Cologne, where a multidisciplinary dance theatre production will be developed which will then presented as national and international guest performances at renowned festivals to a wider public.

    Un-Label Workshops