The international cultural project Un-label will see about 100 artists with and without disabilities from all over Europe deal with new inclusive and innovative ways of performing arts.




    Dates and Tickets

    L – Do I need Labels to Love? International mixed-abled Dance-Theatre Performance   Performances:  11.05.2017  // 8:30 p.m. //  Bursa…

    The Dance Theatre Performance – L – Do I need Labels to Love?

    INTERNATIONAL MIXED-ABLED DANCE THEATRE PERFORMANCE I see a tree and I say: “this is a tree”. Then I probably say:…

    Performance Trailer

    Trailer from the dance theatre performance L- Do I need Labels to Love? Premiere 12.05.2016 Kölner Künstlertheater Cologne / Germany

    L – Do I need Labels to Love?

    Image gallery of the performance 2016 in Cologne   ©MAYER ORIGINALS ©INGA GEISER  

    Artistic residence

    16 artists are selected from the pool of artists who participated in the workshops that have been held in the…